Why nine times out of ten we say NO in Melvil

At Jan Melvil Publishing, we follow the rule that it is better to choose and publish fewer good books and then sell as many as possible. Effort devoted to one title rewards us threefold: 1) in satisfaction – a high-impact title has a huge positive impact on the company and fills our team with a sense of purpose, 2) cost and financially, and 3) high quality takes care of our corporate longevity. In this talk, I’ll try to show how we make decisions when choosing titles.

Tomáš Baránek

Tomáš graduated in mathematical informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, during his studies he co-founded the publishing house. In 2007, however, he did not give up and founded Jan Melvil Publishing with his partner Vít Šebor, a publishing house of books that will prepare you for the future. He has wonderful children Klaudia, Max and Karinka. She lives with them and her dog Bruno in Brno and occasionally in the Žďár Hills. She also does lifehacking (blog and club) and programs in Clojure.