Three steps to designing for behaviors

We all try to influence human behaviour. In product organizations and companies, this task most often falls on product managers, product owners or user experience designers.

This workshop will introduce two tools you definitely don’t want to skip if you plan to influence human behavior. We’ll also review questions that help you stay within the boundaries of ethics. And we’ll learn about a framework to help you better describe the change in behavior you want to achieve.

If you want to try the techniques in the workshop directly on your product or idea, choose one that you can share with other participants.

Petr Štědrý

Petr focuses on product and service design. He has worked for two startups, agencies and multinational corporations. In addition to designing, he enjoys helping designers develop their skills within the UXWell professional accelerator. He became interested in psychology and behaviour change when he changed career direction from UI designer to User Experience in 2006 and in the process found that he couldn’t do without it.