Panel discussion: The Changing Role of Product Management - Ideas and Strategies from The Trenches

Few people in the world have had an opportunity to observe and even be part of product management and development in leading global companies than our conference guests and panelists. Joe Justice, Jochen Krebs and Martin Matouš bring different but invaluable perspectives on the ever-changing world of product leadership. How do most successful companies on our planet approach product management? How has Agile managed to shift devops in 20+ years? What is going to be the differentiator in ten years from now? And should we treat our organization as a product too? Open your mind and expect the unexpected when listening to this discussion of product and agile veterans. And don’t miss your chance to influence the discussion in Slido.


Panel moderators: Rastislav Duriš, Jiří Tůma

Joe Justice

Joe Justice is author of Scrum Master, published in 7 languages. Joe lectures globally and certifies professionals in #JoeDX which represents the business practices, culture, and operating model used within Elon Musk’s companies, as interpreted by Joe Justice, a former Tesla employee. Joe has worked with Bill Gates, the leadership team at Amazon, and operated the Agile program at Tesla for Elon Musk. Joe founded WIKISPEED which became an example of automotive design and production speed in a fun, egalitarian culture. Joe enjoys collaborating as a board member, writing, teaching, and running companies to make a good future arrive faster.

Joe Krebs

Joe is the creator of the Agile Kata and the certification program. He is a life-long learner, host of the www.Agile.FM podcast, author (, and a certified trainer who certifies Scrum Master, Agile Coaches and Leaders. Joe has delivered an agile curriculum to thousands of professionals around the globe. His quest for helping organizations to change to a new way of working and agile ways of thinking is directly linked to the creation of the Agile Kata, a universal agile change management pattern. Joe founded Incrementor, an agile coaching and training company located in New York back in 2009. Three years in a row, Incrementor made the prestigous INC 5000 ist.

Martin Matuš

Martin is a Director of Product at Productboard’s Prague office.
He’s responsible for product teams that ensure organizations of all sizes can productively collaborate on building digital products in Productboard and seamlessly integrate it into their existing ecosystem of tools & processes.During the last four years with Productboard, he’s helped develop our first APIs, experimented with user trial experiences, worked on solutions that allow users to better understand customer needs, and built new product teams.Outside of work, Martin enjoys brewing his own beer and finding people brave enough to drink it.

Rastislav Duriš

Rasťo is a facilitator and organizational psychologist who specializes in the human side, Agile, and systematic approach to organizational development. He teaches leaders and teams self-management and decentralization. He brings global approaches to support organizational transformations to the Czech Republic, such as the Rocket Model of Teamwork, Management 3.0, Gamestorming, BetaCodex Network, Lean Change Management, and Liberating Structures. In his consulting and training practice, he most commonly collaborates with Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Project Managers.

Jiří Tůma

Jiri is a product manager for almost 15 years. While he started in B2C (AVG), he calls B2B his second “home” (Y Soft, GoodData, Dataweps / acq. by Heureka). He now helps AppSec teams efficiently secure apps with Invicti. In his spare time, he caters to his dearest “products”: family, nature (garden), and music.