How to improve product performance and team effectiveness

Performance, metrics, data. How to work with them and how to use them to improve products and increase team efficiency. Are there some basic metrics that can be used always and for all and it’s always chaos or can you also work with them systematically and effectively? Then who do we talk to about them…who is really a stakeholder and do we lump everyone together or not? What if I have a lot of stakeholders? Can I make a system around this and identify which ones are the main ones for me and should I be focusing more on them?
Lukáš will share with you his experience from Česká spořitelna and will outline in more detail other activities that every Product Owner should adopt and should be his daily bread.

Lukáš Míka

Lukáš’s journey from a professional football player to leading deposit and investment products has been fairly colorful. From a life insurance salesman, to a plastic roof salesman, to a parcel delivery man, to Česká spořitelna, which helped him to find his talent. He has been around product development for a couple of years now from different angles. He started as a product owner developing life insurance and all the processes around it. Subsequently, he helped other POs as an area lead to find ways to be better, more efficient and set principles of product development cross the entire organization to today’s more managerial role with 4 teams developing all deposit and some investment products, processes for clients and bankers of Česká spořitelna.