JoeDX Live with Agile Kata

Supercharge Your Organization with Kata Watts – Building SW&HW Products like Tesla and SpaceX using the Agile Kata


Course description:


Learn what Agile- and Digital-Transformations are really about, based on Joe Justice’s experience from Tesla and SpaceX and Joe Krebs’ Agile Kata. In this one of its kind workshop, Joe Justice will share how response to change in hardware development can be accelerated to drive business growth and product innovation. Joe Krebs, will introduce the Agile Kata as a pattern to implement this product development strategy.

For example, a traditional automotive company takes 2.5 years for a minor change and 5 to 7 years for a significant change. In an agile automotive company, headlights, taillights, and charging ports are changed in two days. These changes are made more than 20 times a week and are all installed in the vehicle. The Agile Kata, which is a true agile change management process, can help you implement these radical changes in product development, by focusing on experimentation and deliberate practice. Streamlining manufacturing speed, such as approvals or budgets, requires a common improvement culture across the entire organization and the Agile Kata is that. Every participants will learn from the product development experiences by Joe Justice and a tool to implement them in their own organization.

This workshop is for you if you are a Product leader, Leader, Manager, coach, or consultant in product development.




  • Agile is eating the world – Driving Cultural Change (Story Telling by Joe and Joe)
  • Agile Kata Introduction and Hands-On Simulation
  • How to onboard people and teams and re-launch existing people.
  • How to restructure business units and divisions for the maximum pace of innovation.
  • Changing budget processes for responsiveness.
  • Justice Board: Self-forming teams with financial responsibility.
  • Self-organization of the work and timelines for lean innovation.

Joe Justice

Joe Justice is author of Scrum Master, published in 7 languages. Joe lectures globally and certifies professionals in #JoeDX which represents the business practices, culture, and operating model used within Elon Musk’s companies, as interpreted by Joe Justice, a former Tesla employee. Joe has worked with Bill Gates, the leadership team at Amazon, and operated the Agile program at Tesla for Elon Musk. Joe founded WIKISPEED which became an example of automotive design and production speed in a fun, egalitarian culture. Joe enjoys collaborating as a board member, writing, teaching, and running companies to make a good future arrive faster.

Joe Krebs

Joe is the creator of the Agile Kata and the certification program. He is a life-long learner, host of the www.Agile.FM podcast, author (, and a certified trainer who certifies Scrum Master, Agile Coaches and Leaders. Joe has delivered an agile curriculum to thousands of professionals around the globe. His quest for helping organizations to change to a new way of working and agile ways of thinking is directly linked to the creation of the Agile Kata, a universal agile change management pattern. Joe founded Incrementor, an agile coaching and training company located in New York back in 2009. Three years in a row, Incrementor made the prestigous INC 5000 ist.