Sketching and mapping practically

I’m sure you’ve walked out ofa a meeting believing you’ve reached a consensus, only to sadly discover later that everyone had something else in mind. Sometimes it is really difficult to reach a mutual understanding even when we all speak the same language. Being able to clearly express your thoughts and find common ground with others is crucial in today’s connected world.


Visual communication is a tool to overcome these barriers. In our workshop we will teach you how to express your thoughts visually in an interactive and fun way. After a short theoretical introduction, we will embark on two exercises together, in which you will first learn the basics of sketching and then various types of mapping.


Our goal is not to make you an artist or an expert in methods such as user journey mapping. We want to equip you with practical “quick & dirty” tricks that you can use immediately to communicate in any context.

Bob Marvan

Bob is the Discovery Manager at Gen Digital, the corporation formed by the merger of Avast and NortonLifeLock. He has over 15 years of experience in UX design, research and design thinking, gained primarily at MSD, AVG and In the past, he conceived and implemented the #zapixely traveling exhibition on digital design and the #HumansofUX survey of UX professionals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Rostislav Blaha

Rostislav is UX Design Lead at MSD. He brings 16 years of design experience to the conference. With a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and UX certification from NNg, he has learned firsthand how crucial sketching is to design success. He has led workshops and given talks at various events, including UX Camp Europe in Berlin, UX Camp Prague and UX Camp Vienna.

Professionally, he has led several initiatives aimed at training and developing UX talent. He designed and implemented the UX Academy, which teaches product owners and business analysts the fundamentals of UX, as well as the Design Management Training Program aimed at training senior UX designers.