Navigate your product to your goals: On creating effective product roadmaps

Almost everyone knows what a roadmap is. However, only a few people can actually create a roadmap that would be considered good. We often see product teams trying to add as many new features to their product as possible. Or, they might include everything demanded by “the new important customer.” Both of these approaches (and many others) are a recipe for failure. So, how should we approach the creation of a roadmap? What are the best practices that a product manager or product owner should rely on? And are there frameworks or methodologies that can help with all this?
Let’s answer all these questions together. In our workshop, we will try to build a roadmap, use some frameworks and methodologies, discuss how the product life cycle fits into this, and exchange experiences and best practices. The workshop aims to be as practical as possible – theory is interesting, but without being applicable in practice, it’s pretty useless.
If you want to make the most of the workshop, bring along tablets, laptops, or at least mobile phones. We will use an online whiteboard, allowing everyone to participate in building the “perfect” roadmap. And if you’re not in the mood for interaction, that’s okay – you can at least come and listen to the experiences of your peers.

Adam Krbušek

Adam is the Head of Product at Infini One, where he leads the company’s product team and oversees its family of products aimed at transforming the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Infini One, Adam spearheaded Product-led transformation at GoodData by developing its Freemium and Trial offerings. He is a strong advocate for User-centered design and holds a view that products should be designed with the needs of the user in mind. Besides his professional career, Adam is also pursuing a PhD with a focus on Applied Informatics.