Make it clear

Today, the agile approach is being discussed in the context of various transformations and changes. Many of these changes fail at the outset. One of the relatively common reasons for this failure is an unclear or inconsistent view of the current situation, priorities, project or company status.
In this workshop, we will demonstrate some simple and practical tools to help you get clarity on your project status, project and personal priorities. You will practically try all the tools on your topics and projects and we will show you how to apply them to both work and personal matters.
To make the most of the workshop, prepare a list of your priorities and projects in advance. Preferably work and personal ones. That way you’ll be able to focus on using the tools and less on reminiscing about current projects.

Zdeněk Macháček

Zdeněk focuses on strategic consulting, education and popularization of new trends in business and corporate IT. He also specializes in the use of Agile and Lean Start-up approaches in creating new products and services. He also helps companies with applying agile approaches to their own operations. In these consultations, he draws on his extensive experience from a wide range of IT projects as well as his long-term experience in actual development.