Tesla and SpaceX speed with #MobAI

Joe Justice, founder of the Agile program at Tesla, will teach you the one discipline you need to achieve Tesla and SpaceX speed. Together we will explore #MobAI, the trending phenomenon that is disrupting companies around the world right now.

Joe Justice

Joe Justice is author of Scrum Master, published in 7 languages. Joe lectures globally and certifies professionals in #JoeDX which represents the business practices, culture, and operating model used within Elon Musk’s companies, as interpreted by Joe Justice, a former Tesla employee. Joe has worked with Bill Gates, the leadership team at Amazon, and operated the Agile program at Tesla for Elon Musk. Joe founded WIKISPEED which became an example of automotive design and production speed in a fun, egalitarian culture. Joe enjoys collaborating as a board member, writing, teaching, and running companies to make a good future arrive faster.